We have a healthy obsession with health

Optimize your well-being with personalized highlights that include helpful tips when you’re on the right track and alerts when you face potential obstacles. Get specific recommendations tailored to your unique health, interests and goals.

With Nano, you’ll find an ever-expanding resource of community support. Discover and share the most up-to-date learnings, resources and recommendations about health and wellness topics that matters to you. Find and build your circle of doctors, fitness guides, yogis and more! 

Take control of your well-being by gathering the elements that affect it in one secure place - from your family history of heart disease and your parents’ blood types to your daily exercise habits and lifelong predisposition to ear infections. This information generates your own personal Nano, which is a current snapshot of your health that you can share with doctors and family members.

Take control of your and your family's health

Understand and navigate your health and well-being

Find and connect with your people

Wellness is a journey that can be filled with ups and downs.

That’s why we created Well-Beings, playful little guides to support you along the way. They’re a friendly reminder to get in touch with your Well-Being and show it some love.

Discover & Share

Your personal health profile is where you’ll gather and securely store all of the information relevant to your health and well-being. You can upload health records from your doctors’ offices, connect your existing devices like fitness trackers or glucose monitors, add genetic test results and keep track of daily symptoms to create a full picture of how you feel. 

Your Health Profile

Understand how your family’s health history could affect yours. Using your Health Profile, easily create your own personal Nano, a shareable snapshot of your health and family’s health history. Give this to your doctors, family members and anyone else in your health Circle.

Family History Matters

We believe that Nano is the future of not just precision health, but personalized well-being. Powered by your own health profile, we give you the personalized information, data and analysis - including recommended plans to follow - that you need to thrive. 

Personalized Well-Being

Nano provides you with highly-curated content tailored to your goals and interests. Learn more about topics affecting your health and wellness and never worry about whether a product will live up to its claims. We do the research - you reap the results.

Resources You Can Trust

It Takes a Village

Maybe you’re a new mom struggling with your newborn’s sleep schedule. With Nano, you can choose to join a group focused on this exact issue and be part of discussions, ask questions or get the recommendations you need - like the best baby sleep coach or how to sleep train a six-month-old.


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