Frequently Asked Questions

How does Nano Pure™ work?

Nano Pure™ sprays on wet, then dries to form a microscopic shield that is deadly to 99.99% of illness- and disease-causing germs – killing them on contact. These germs are electrostatically attracted to Nano Pure™. Our patented formula then deactivates the germ so effectively, so quickly, it leaves no trace. The formula stays active up to 24 hours, providing long-lasting protection that stays strong even through multiple hand washes.

What's the difference between Nano Pure™ and common hand sanitizers?

Common hand sanitizers currently prevalent in stores are only effective for 15-30 seconds before being absorbed into your skin, leaving it dry or chapped. They use alcohol as the active ingredient, making them highly flammable, and about as technologically advanced as the wild west. Nano Pure™ is a water-based skin protectant solution that lasts for 24 hours. Our patented formula kills and continuously protects against a wide range of disease-causing microorganisms, and moisturizes the skin. One application of Nano Pure™ delivers the same protection as a traditional hand sanitizer applied every 30 seconds, around the clock.

How many sprays should I use?

One application of Nano Pure™ will protect you for up to 24 hours. Depending on the area of skin you’re protecting, the number of sprays will vary (think baby hands vs. a doctor’s hands and forearms).

Is Nano Pure™ flammable?

Since it’s water-based, Nano Pure™ is not flammable.

How do you use Nano Pure™?

Spray Nano Pure™ on your skin, spreading the solution all over the area you want to protect. Once dry, the germ shield is fully engaged, and ready to protect.

Does Nano Pure™ contain harsh chemicals?

Not at all. Nano Pure™ is water-based, non-irritating, and gentle on skin.

How quickly does Nano Pure™ start killing germs?

As soon as it dries, Nano Pure™ begins killing harmful germs right away, and will continue to do so for up to 24 hours.

Where do you ship?

Currently we only ship within the United States. If you're interested in purchasing Nano outside the United States, please contact us.

Other questions?

If your question isn't answered here, send us an email and we'll be happy to answer it.