Protect Your World
Use it every day. Re-stock the diaper bag. Bring it to the gym and to work. Send it to daycare or to school. Help protect everyone you know by choosing the right bundle, subscribing and saving!

On the Go


Great for those always on the move. Stay protected, no matter where you go by keeping one at your desk, in your bag, and in the glove box.

Contains (5) 10ml Bottles

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For the Home


Long-lasting protection for the whole home. Place bottles in high-traffic areas and smaller on-the-go bottles everywhere you need to reapply. 

Contains (4) 10ML and (2) 1.6 OZ Bottles

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Family Pack


Stay protected everywhere your family goes with our best value bundle for everyone and every space you need it.

Contains (8) 10ML and (4) 1.6 OZ Bottles

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Be well and do good
Once dry, it creates a safe germ barrier on skin

Nano Pure™ forms a molecular bond that stays active on the surface of your skin. Learn More →

Provides long-lasting, active protection

Nano Pure™ is the only solution that forms an all-day germ barrier. Learn More →

Kills 99.99% of illness- and disease-causing germs

Nano Pure™ purifies on contact by attracting and eliminating harmful germs. Learn More →

Proceeds help fight disease worldwide

Across the world, we are committed to the fight against infectious diseases. Learn More →

Have questions?
We have answers

Q: Why is Nano Pure™ needed?

A: There’s a lot of bad germs out there – fungi, viruses, bacteria – and a lot of ineffective solutions. We take the germ problem seriously and look at it from a new angle – a microscopic one…Read More →

Q: How does Nano Pure™ work?

A: Nano Pure™ sprays on wet, then dries to form a microscopic barrier that is deadly to 99.99% of illness- and disease-causing germs – killing them on contact. These germs… Read More →

Q: Is it safe to use Nano Pure™ multiple times per day?

A: Sure. When you re-Nano, you basically refresh the germ barrier. It certainly doesn’t decrease the effectiveness of the product… Read More →

Q: What’s the difference between Nano Pure™ and common hand sanitizers?

A: Common hand sanitizers currently prevalent in stores are only effective for 15-30 seconds before… Read More →

What others are saying

I'm so excited to find this product!!! As a home health nurse, I'm exposed to an abundance of germs in a variety of environments. THANK YOU for creating this!

Jess C.

I've been using your product since last year around August. This is the first Winter/Spring I have not had the flu or pneumonia!

Kim S.

I swear by this stuff! I have been using it for a couple of years now and do not leave the house without it. I haven't been sick with any type of cold or virus since I started using it.

Martha S.

I have wanted this forever being in the health field! I work in home care and buying alcohol based sanitizer can start to irritate my hands after using it all day. The fact that this lasts for 24 hours is great!

Ted L

10/10. Will buy again. It has made a noticeable difference. My youngest has a compromised immune system. Now I can send her to kindergarten without worrying about her getting sick. Love this stuff!! Totally works. We snuck by the last 3 colds that were making their rounds at school--strep and 2 stomach flues.