Primary Color Palette

Name: Blue Nano
Variable: $blue-nano
Hex: #5133ff
Name: Blue Dark
Variable: $blue-dark
Hex: #1b0066
Name: Blue Medium
Variable: $blue-medium
Hex: #23087e
Name: White
Variable: $white
Hex: #ffffff

Supporting Color Palette

Name: Orange
Variable: $orange
Hex: #ffa466
Name: Green
Variable: $green
Hex: #47eaac
Name: Blue Bright
Variable: $blue-bright
Hex: #2ad7f4

Brand Grays

Name: Gray Dark
Variable: $dark-gray
Hex: #4d4d4d
Name: Gray Medium
Variable: $medium-gray
Hex: #808080
lighten( $dark-gray, 20)
Name: Gray Light
Variable: $gray-light
Hex: #e6e7e8


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