I work in sales so I am in constant interaction with people and products. NanoPure provides a great peace of mind knowing that you have a lower chance of getting sick.

Amazon Connor S.

Love this product! I look at it as an extra insurance plan. Smells great and doesn't feel like you have anything on your skin. It's perfect for trips to the airport, zoo, museums, especially with my kids who have to touch EVERYTHING!

Joel C.

This stuff is an essential in our house, especially in the cold months when all of the viruses are going. My 1 year old’s whole class got hand foot mouth so I made sure to spray this on her hands everyday. She was the only one that didn’t get it! Love that it creates a long lasting germ barrier. And the spray application makes it easy to put on toys as well.

Amazon Emily P.

As a mom and a school nurse, I was so excited to discover Nano Pure. My husband is an elementary teacher and my three-year twin daughters attend Montessori. We are all exposed to an over abundance of illnesses. We all wash our hands frequently, but require an extra layer of protection throughout the day. Nano Pure is almost odorless, which I love, since I am sensitive to fragrances. It sprays on easily and absorbs fast. My hands feel soft and moisturized after each use. My whole family use it every morning before we all head off to our schools.

Jennifer, RN

Love my Nano Pure! As a mom of three this is a perfect hand sanitizer for our whole family! We put it on at home every morning before my big kid goes to school, and I keep one in my diaper bag for when we are on the go! My kids love Nano more than other hand sanitizers we used to buy because it doesn't smell bad, and it dries quickly on their hands and doesn't leave them feeling sticky. We will definitely be buying more!

Amazon Jessica T.

My son and I both have primary immune deficiency. Nano Pure™ has given us the confidence to go in public without fearing other people’s germs.

Kristi G.

Nano is a game changer! As a pediatrician in a busy practice, I can’t allow parents or children to be exposed to germs in my office. Little hands touch everything! Nano provides me with a sense of comfort that both my staff and I, as well as everything in my waiting room and exam rooms are germ free. The product is non-toxic and provides 24 hour protection. I suspect that with time, every pediatric office will move toward a daily Nano regimen to ensure the health and wellness of staff and patients.

Dr. Brian Temple, BeanSprout Pediatrics

I have a work role that puts me in medical offices and exposes me to many different pathogens and opportunities to catch something. I was looking for a product to keep my hands clean but didn't dry them out or smell like a bottle of alcohol wipes. Nano Pure Next Generation Hand Sanitizer has exceeded every expectation I had. Not only do I trust the 24 hour sanitizing effectiveness, it also has a great fragrance and actually makes my hands feel soft and more like a moisturizer than a sanitizer.

Amazon Joe

I wanted to let you know I love the nano! I love how it feels on my hands. I love the smell. And most of all as a nurse I love knowing I am protected from the germs I come in contact with daily. Thank you!!

Brigid, RN

Love this product! It doesn't sting or dry out your hands like other products and lasts 24 hours! Great for traveling. Sending tubes to a friend who is helping clean up the Houston floods, lots of germs floating around there and she needs something that lasts for hours.

Amazon Sue